I grew up third in a family of four kids. My father was a blue-collar construction worker with an exemplary work ethic, my mother stayed at home with my siblings and myself. In 1990 Knowing he didn’t always want to do construction they opened a small pizza restaurant out in Camarillo, CA . Being only 6 years old, there are plenty of home videos of me trying to make pizza at that age. I’m grateful YouTube wasn’t around back then.

Starting small as part of a franchise chain, my father honed the craft and quickly become friends with the surrounding local businesses. Sometime later my parents rebranded the businesses as independent stores, leaving the franchise system. A opportunity to obtain another location in in Meiners Oaks, CA came up and they took it. So for five years they ran 2 separate locations on opposite sides of the county.

My siblings and myself grew up going our own ways while our parents grew apart, eventually splitting up. But not before they decided liquidate the Camarillo location and move the Meiners Oaks location to the address in Ojai,CA where the business is today. My father ran the business for as long as he could before he concluded it was too much work on his own and closed up shop in 2009. At the time I was working construction but couldn’t let the story end there.

In February of 2010, armed with my dedicated general manager Gus Villa, the family recipes, a great location, and sheer determination, Ojai Pizza Company Inc. was born. So I left construction and started a completely new business that paid homage to all the hard work my parents had put in during my childhood, while still having my own take on how business should be done. Since then, we’ve been going strong and growing deep roots in the Ojai community. My wife and I now have 2 children of our own who are literally getting a taste of my own childhood! We’ve employed countless local kids getting their first job, watched as our town was threatened by fire, floods, and recession, and have been the place for countless sports teams to have their end-of-season parties, first dates, and family reunions. I am happy to share all this hard work and delicious history with you and your family as you dine with us. All of our dough, bread, sauces, and fresh toppings are made daily and we use only the highest quality meats and cheeses. Please feel free to come say hello, and welcome to our family!
-Joe Wells, Owner