Pizza is not just an Italian dish; it’s a true symbol of cultural fusion and flavour diversity. There are so many recipes for this great food, and if you think the amount of cheese on a pizza isn’t important, you should know that the Guinness Book of World Records includes a pizza with 1,001 kinds of cheese!

An incredible pizza is an incredible record!

An amazing record was recently set in France that has gained the attention of pizza lovers and foodies around the world. It’s a pity that Parimatch and other bookmakers didn’t take bets on whether the chefs could create this culinary masterpiece.  

Renowned French chefs Benoit Bruel and Fabien Montellanico have created a pizza that incorporates an incredible number of cheese varieties, breaking a Guinness record.

This culinary marvel, which has been dubbed “The Cheese Blessing,” contains as many as 940 French cheese varieties and another 61 cheeses from around the world. This magnificent creation created a sensation, showing not only the skill of the chefs but also the diversity and richness of the world’s cheese culture.

After the record was set, many bookmakers started taking bets on whether it would be broken anytime soon. By passing Parimatch Registration or by making an account with other well-known bookmakers, you can also bet on such an unusual event.

It’s a pity that all this pizza is very quickly eaten, and those reading this news will not get even a small piece. Well, to cook something like this on your own, given the variety of ingredients, will be very difficult.

How the pizza was created

To realize this culinary project, Benoit Bruel and Fabien Montellanico enlisted the help of cheesemakers and cheese masters from different regions of France to select the most exquisite and delicious types of cheese. Cheesemaker Sophie Hatat Richart-Luna also joined this amazing team to help use an assortment of cheeses with different textures and flavours. What’s more, YouTuber Florian OnAir joined the team to document this culinary feat on video.

Cooking this incredible pizza was a long and complicated process. In order to ensure that each type of cheese was evenly distributed throughout the pizza, the cheese topping was cut into two-gram cubes and covered the entire top of the pizza base. The individual pieces of cheese were carefully distributed so that each slice of pizza would end up with a unique combination of cheeses.

When the “Blessing of Cheese” was finally pulled from the oven, its aroma filled the entire kitchen, causing a desire for an immediate slice among all who were present. The pizza was an exceptional culinary masterpiece, with each type of cheese providing its own unique note of flavour and aroma.

The Cheese Blessing pizza not only set a new world record but also became a shining example of collaboration and creativity in the field of cooking. Outstanding chefs, cheesemakers, and YouTubers were able to work together to create a culinary work of art that not only struck the imagination but also demonstrated the richness and diversity of cheeses around the world.

Recall that earlier nutritionists have established the health benefits of pizza and noted that eating it may well be part of a healthy lifestyle